December 18, 2008

Toon Thursday: Revision Revisited

'K, I'm done harping on revision now. Maybe. For the time being.

NE ways (jeez, it felt wrong just typing that), I wanted to give props to Mother Reader today for her even-handed take on the latest installment of the annually recurring Newbery debate, and her excellent hat tip to the Cybils. The article prompting all the hoo-hah originally appeared in the School Library Journal, but some fresh hoo-hah has been stirred up (do you stir up hoo-hah? perhaps fling it?) by the Washington Post, and it's even made it all the way into the UK's Guardian Books Blog (thanks to Nicola for the link).

But what I found most interesting about the Guardian article was a little aside at the very end about one of the books shortlisted for WH Smith Children's Book of the Year. All I can say is, yikes. Then again, perhaps this is where I'm going wrong. Perhaps the path to publication lies in the inclusion of ponies, and my as-yet-unpublished status is entirely due to my failure to include enough ponies in my books.

...Or not.


Anonymous said...

Great toon! Cracked me up.

TadMack said...

Wow. The ponies book? Really!?