October 25, 2006

Sister or Not?

Family is really complicated -- and Seattle knows it. It's especially complicated if it's family you're not really related to. See, her Dad ditched her with his girlfriend about six years ago, and she's been hanging out with her almost-stepmom and her two sons, Jesse and Critter, forever -- at least long enough to know that they're who she wants to be family with. But, things change when Christopher -- aka Critter -- starts macking seriously on the lifeguard he was just supposed to flirt with so that he and Seattle could bluff their way into the ritzy pool across town during the heat wave. And things change further when Seattle meets Scooter, and Critter finds that he's weirdly ...jealous... of Seattle hooking up with him so fast. He's even... dreaming about her.

Exactly what is going on with the two peas in a pod, who used to be so totally inseparable? Sometimes when there's things you can't say, it's reason enough to stop talking. Told throughout in two voices, this chapter excerpt should get you interested in the reasons why Seattle and Critter both think this summer they should hang out with Anyone But You.

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