October 15, 2006

Random Acts of Imperialism (loosely YA oriented)

So, the big wheeze our way is some spat about an SF city supe having a child with a friend. Of the friends, one is gay, the other lesbian, and they are neither married nor in a relationship (obviously) and the discussion is about what constitutes a family that is strong and solid and appropriate for kids. One talk radio commentator stated quite correctly that children are not a social experiment. Kudos to that thought. But as to what else is needful to provide a good home environment and stable life... ? That is open to discussion yet, I would think.

So, now to my real point: in the world of the glitterati, it's Adopt-An-African-Young Adult month (apprently I did not receive the memo), and now that certain celebrated personages are jumping on the Bag A Brown Baby Bandwagon (just wait - as Big A, little A says, "literature" on the topic will be forthcoming!), Mitali has had a few comments about a recent Washington Post article on the effect isolating a child from its home-turf can have upon its development. She raises some deeply "Hmmm!" ful points. The word 'apartheid' is used. Read. Think. Enjoy your weekend.

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