June 09, 2006

The One You've Been Waiting For!

I've actually read two other books recently which I'm not going to even dignify with links. One was a really OBVIOUS mystery, the other a really tacky commercial for just about every product you can think of, written with such a blush-inducing materialistic slant that the writer should be ashamed. So you can imagine my relief when I discovered that the second novel in the Sangreal Trilogy, the one we've been waiting for was waiting for me at the library. Whee!

At first, I was a little confused at the title; depending on which printing, the novel can be called The Traitor's Sword, or The Sword of Straw, but once you get past the first chapter, the title doesn't matter anyway. Nathan's not in bed again. He's dematerializing as he dream-travels, and before you know it, he's knee-deep in... elsewhere. It's a futuristic city, this time, and he sees the Grandir. But he also finds another kingdom, where there is an ailing king and a princess whose kingdom is falling apart. Headstrong as usual, Nathan rushes in -- but the monsters are bigger and the betrayals are heavier this time around. Annie is frantic as her son outgrows her. She knows she should tell him about his father, but... Someone angry has burgledThornyhill, trying to find the Grail - again. And this time, they've been sent - and they know what they're looking for. Inspector Pobjoy returns, cynical and confused as ever; he knows somewhere these people are lying to him. Even Hazel, Nathan's always-faithful friend, isn't what she used to be. Fortunately, Bartlemy is just the same, whipping up treats in the kitchen, and Hoover takes care of the crumbs. Some things have to stay the same. At least they are on the surface...

As usual, getting what you want makes you want more. Can't wait for the end of the trilogy, and an explanation of how it will all wrap up. I'm beginning to suspect a connection between the Grandir and Nathan... but why? And who is Bartlemy really?

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