June 26, 2006

Best Friends Forever?

Sometimes it just doesn't take much to rock the boat. Quiet Anna and her fearless buddy, Zoe, have been best friends since they were really little. Nothing they've done has been about anything but the two of them - as a matter of fact, the world is their movie, and everyone else is an "extra." What happens when the lead in the show takes a tumble off the roof beam of the barn and breaks her arm in two places? Anna's going to camp to be a Counselor-In-Training all alone, and she's actually pretty nervous. There's no one to look to, without Isabel. Anna thinks she's going to have a tough and awful time, but she hadn't counted on The Isabel Factor. Suddenly camp - and the people around her - take on a whole new significance. Anna realizes things about herself - good things and bad - that she's never seen before. Can Anna and Zoe's friendship take a new and empowered Anna? Canadian author Gayle Friesen pulls out another great YA novel.

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