June 27, 2006

Grrrl Power

Thanks to Seren for giving me a heads up about Salon's Broadsheet kudos to New Moon Magazine for Girls. I've blogged about these fine people before, but I still think their mag is one of the coolest things going for girls who want to talk and think about a real future. And it's free of ads! (Remember when Sassy was cool like that? Johnny Depp and no ads. Bliss.) Also, you've got to check out the work of the world's deepest and most articulate 7-year-old, Alexa Kitchen. I wish I understood the world as well as she did when I was her age!

My other favorite site is still also Who I Am for girl-centric and positive journals and books and jewelry. If I can't get into the wayback machine to be ten again (and who wants to!?), I can at least pass along these fun places to you.

Viva la girlz!


a. fortis said...

Gee, makes me wish I'd tried publishing the "Dork the Duck" comics I drew as a kid! (His brother was Dirk the Jerk.)

New Moon said...

Thanks for mentioning New Moon! We're also accepting nominations for our 8th Annual "25 Beautiful Girls" issue through October 1st. If you know a girl who's beautiful for her individuality (i.e., not afraid to be herself), please nominate 'er! Just go to the New Moon website and click on "submissions." Cheers!

TadMack said...

A.Fortis, I totally believe that you should submit your artwork... okay, maybe you're past Dork the Duck (hee heee!) but I really think you might pull together a portfolio and consider... consider having someone take a look at it?

And yay for New Moon! I can totally think of a couple of Beautiful Girls who need a shout out!