June 16, 2006

48 Hour Reading Contest: Geeks and Freaks

I wish I could say I really loved this book as much as I like the title. Alyson Noel's novel, Art Geeks and Prom Queens is a storyline with a lot of potential, as the main character has an interesting theory -- there are certain 'types' of people in high school that end up with certain other 'types.' The Jocks go with the Cheerleaders, the Art Geeks go with the Computer Nerds, etc. There can be a lot of humor in discovering that the stereotypes we employ to make our way in the world are only accurate some of the time, but it seems that the character, Rio, never really discovers this. Instead, at her new, fancy Southern California school, Rio relies on her "types" theory to give herself the excuse to change into the person she usually loathes - a shallow follower her ignores her heart and makes friends with equally shallow people. The story is difficult to read unless the reader is familiar with the Gossip Girl series, and comfortable with the stereotypes therein. This is Queen Bees and Wannabes all over again - a simplistic story of a girl who wants to fit in and will do anything to do so, including snubbing her first friends at the new school, turning her back on her precious hobbies, drinking, doing drugs, using guys, and more. There is a titanic battle between Kirsti, the real Queen Bee at the school, and newcomer Rio that also is a bit contrived. The teens I know are a bit more real than this, but this is a quick, frothy read where all's well that ...ends.

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