September 24, 2014


The prequel you didn't know you needed to Bruchac's epic KILLER OF ENEMIES:
This novella prequel to Joseph Bruchac’s Killer of Enemies is set in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where readers are introduced to seventeen-year-old Rose Eagle of the Lakota tribe who is trying to find her place in a post-apocalyptic world.

Before the Silver Cloud, the Lakota were forced to work in the Deeps, mining for ore so that the Ones, the overlords, could continue their wars. But when the Cloud came and enveloped Earth, all electronics were shut off. Some miners were trapped in the deepest Deeps and suffocated, but the Lakota were warned to escape, and the upper Deeps became a place of refuge for them in a post-Cloud world.

In the midst of this chaos, Rose Eagle’s aunt has a dream: Rose will become a medicine woman, a healer. She sends Rose into the Black Hills on a quest to find healing for their people.

Gangly and soft-spoken, Rose is no warrior. She seeks medicine, not danger. Nevertheless, danger finds her, but love and healing soon follow. When Rose Eagle completes her quest, she may return with more than she ever thought she was looking for.

I was surprised as heck to hear that there was a prequel to KILLER OF ENEMIES, the post-apocalyptic tale of Lozen, the noteworthy girl of quiet skill who took back her people's pride. I actually am still sneakily hoping for a sequel, or at least something else in that vein from Bruchac, but I'll take Rose.

Stay tuned for more about this novel!


Stacy Whitman said...

Thanks for sharing this! I think you'll love it, and I have hopes your other hope will be rewarded too. ;)

tanita✿davis said...

@Stacy: Oooooooh! That would be awesome news indeed.