August 21, 2014

Toon Thursday: Exciting and New! (Like the Love Boat!)

Difficult as it may be to believe, somehow I managed to come up with a NEW CARTOON today. It's been a while, and for that I apologize. Plus it's one of the sort-of weak ones where I recycle the part I already drew, and just add new text. (Do other cartoonists do that? Or am I just SUPER lazy?)

Anyway, one other thing, in case you didn't know: the Cybils Awards call for judges is open, and if you're a blogger in the area of children's or YA lit, you should check it out! It is a really fun experience, and provides a lot of insight into what it's like to judge one of those fancy-schmancy book awards.


Anonymous said...

You forgot calling waiting on hold with the insurance company for billing issues, deleting spam, and crafting passionate internet comments that you then delete when you realize you don't want to wade into THAT particular controversy. ;-)

--Jenn Hubbard, too lazy to log into my Google account at the moment

Sarah Stevenson said...

Jenn, if I didn't do these at the absolute last possible minute, I'd hire you as my creative consultant. :D