August 30, 2013

Exact Change Only, Please: it's FIVE & DIME FRIDAY

The change is from beneath the couch cushions this week, as I wistfully hear stories of my friend Liz at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and imagine being there when the sun is actually, you know, apparent in the sky. Or not. And, speaking of Scotland, I love that reminded me this week of the fabulousness of Paisley Abbey, a glorious old bit of monastery in the small town of Paisley, just outside the sprawl of Glasgow. They have an alien gargoyle. After Charlotte and I looked so carefully for the one of the National Cathedral after the ALA in 2010, I am deeply disappointed to have been at the Abbey twice - and never seen it! Ah, well, something to look for next time I'm in town.

And so, on with the coinage!

By now, you've probably seen this SHARED WORLDS project, where a bunch of authors write on their hands their writing advice. Yes, well, my hand is just not large enough for all that I'd want to write... but, I've come to appreciate those whose brevity and wit serves them well in this (Yes, Neil-Coiffure -of-Curls-Gaiman, I'm looking at you.) My favorite word? PERSIST. A perfect use of time if you're ever in need of a little fire lit under you.

Speaking of writing - or writers - do I have a new plot for you! Brain-snatchers! They take over your body movements, and control you through cell phones!! Oh, wait. Researchers have once again made my speculative fiction plot non-fiction... Snap.

Been awhile since you've read an anthology? Need a couple of freebies from DEFY THE DARK, the June-released anthology collection featuring Dia Reeves, Carrie Ryan, Beth Revis, Sarah Rees Brennan and others, including a debut writer? I did, too. Thanks and you're welcome.

Okay, I love a good infographic - it's one of those little quirks of personality. This one - much like the one put out by LEE & LOW about the dearth of minorities in children's lit - did not make me happy. It's about females in computer science, and women, I'm ... wow. A little alarmed. I hate how so much of programming, etc., is seen as a boy's club, but it's only getting worse. Is there a way to counteract this? Make math and science relevant and cool? Go Engineering, Girls!

Some people just talk diversity in children's lit. And then, there's Mitali. A nice interview with a Facebook friend from Iran, talking children's books.

Dear ones, Christmas is coming. This is a BROAD hint to those with writers in their lives who need one. Thank you. (Via BookRiot.)

I'm a big fan of SF Signal as the place where all things speculative go to live, and I ran across this Writing Robots vs. Vampires/Fairies piece with a smile.


Charlotte said...

thank you for the nice links! I like the bottles...but Sadness! The last link of all was broken...What book was it?!!??

I am now trying to think of mg sff books in which there is a girl who is a computer programing genius type. I feel there are many; I can think of none.

tanita♥davis said...

@Charlotte: The Vampires vs. Fairies? Hm... it worked just fine for me... It's the vampires. They're out to get you.

Charlotte said...

!!! There was another link at the end...whimpers. I know there was. Oh well!

Sarah Stevenson said...

Ack! That is one scary gargoyle!! (And this is yet another blog post that fell by the wayside for...oh, a year?!? Oops.)

I have a photo from the Czech Republic (not yet posted, I'm afraid) with a gargoyle that I swear looks like a Doctor Who weeping angel...