July 31, 2013

Midweek Web Browse

It's only when I'm the most excited to start reading a book - I just got my copy of THE PANOPTICON, by Jenni Fagan - that you get some weird thingy in your eye that means you have to take off your glasses and apply a heating pad. Nevertheless, in the few minutes I've spent online today, I've found...
...Robert Post's child. No, seriously. These are Flora's PEOPLE. You know someone in COLD COMFORT FARM wore that hat. Every day.
...the interviews on DiversifYA. I love the identity questions that are asked; "what was it like, growing up X?" Answering the question of what it was like growing up Muslim, black, bisexual-heteronormative, Afro-Latina, with a mental illness or a physical disability, etc. - makes for some very interesting reading. Even better, this site provides a ton of new blogs and tweet feeds to check out, and new sites, including Operation Diversity, coming soon to a blogosphere near you, and the getting-to-be-well-known, ongoing blog Disability In Kidlit.
...my sense of humor, squared.. "SUCK IT UP! This is your life now," is THE phrase of the week.
...that Malorie Blackman continues to be SUPER AWESOME. I mean, SHE WROTE A DR. WHO STORY. You cannot help but love someone who engages in fanfic without shame.
...and, from an Israeli bookstore chain, The BEST Book Ads, ever: (via HuffPo.)
I've heard from AF - she is hot, she looks adorable in her South Asian clothes, and is off to see never-before-met relatives. Keep a good thought for her, will you?
Have a glorious midweek.

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