January 23, 2012

Monday Randomness

After spending much of the weekend reading Plato's Republic, I find my brain has decided to retreat into a tiny corner of my skull and refuses to work any more. And, I'm again pondering blog-related what's-the-point-itis and rethinking what I want to do in my blogging life. So...here are a few links for your amusement while I return to normal. Enjoy.

  • If you're interested in writing for educational publishers and live in...er...Central California, there's a seminar by writer Christine Peterson on March 3rd in Bakersfield. Why Bakersfield? I dunno. I liked the sound of it until I saw it would be a 3-hour drive (each way), so I am unlikely to attend, but for those who live a little closer, check out this link. For those of you on the opposite side of the country, in April our blog bud Mitali Perkins is leading a Highlights workshop on Creating an Authentic Cultural Voice.
  • Also, in an e-mail to the Kidlitosphere Yahoo Group, author Martha Brockenbrough says: "YALSA reached out to authors, asking us to sign a petition that asks for school libraries for every child in America. They are in need of almost 15,000 more signatures. If you feel so inclined, might you write a blog post about what school libraries meant to you, to your kids, or to kids you know?" Here's the petition--they still need signatures, but I agree with Martha that a heartfelt blog post might also be in order. I know I spent a ton of time in the school library, not just browsing books, but studying and being a tutor. (Weirdly, I was a chemistry tutor. Go figure.) My middle school library was where I first checked out and read Ursula LeGuin's A Wizard of Earthsea. I even remember the two librarians there: Mrs. DeLeon, who was the mom of a girl in my class, and Mrs. Y, who had a long and unpronounceable last name. As an adult and as a writer I've had some amazing school library experiences, too, talking to kids in book clubs and creative writing clubs and just regular kids. I can't imagine a world without school libraries. If you feel the same, go sign the petition! And if you write a blog post, let Martha know for her roundup.
  • Lastly, I'm proud to say that my advice, such as it is, has been included in Katie Davis's new e-book, How to Promote Your Children's Book. Katie does the podcast Brain Burps About Books and her book is an amazing collection of first-hand marketing information from the likes of Our Jane, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Liz Garton Scanlon, and plenty of others. I know I'm going to find it useful, and I'm happy to give it a plug!


tanita✿davis said...

What's with the Plato?

Sarah Stevenson said...

That's for this semester's Humanities class...Evolution of Human Culture. Very cool so far, but a ton of reading...

Doret said...

When I went back to complete my Political Science degree last semester I had to take Political Theory I

I had to read and refer to the Republic for two papers. It was fun at first, and I enjoyed the old English but by the end I wanted to scream.

I did love discovering a new shero in Christine de Pizan. The Book of the City of Ladies was way ahead of its time.

Petition link didn't load will try again later. Hopefully that means everyone is rushing to sign it.

tanita✿davis said...

Go Smart Girls! I have a copy of this very book on my shelf, but must hand my head and say that I didn't er, finish it... ::sigh::