October 03, 2009


Those of you who are fans of the great Scott Westerfeld will be pleased to note that, according to SFX Magazine, his Midnighters series will soon be on NBC.

THAT should be interesting. The books alone wouldn't make that great of a long-term series, so I assume the characters will be having other adventures.

ALSO: Apparently I'm a guest at Michael Spradlin's Five On Friday this week. Thanks, Michael!


Sarah Stevenson said...

Congrats on the blog appearance! Re: Westerfeld...veeery iiinteresting...I'll be keeping an eye out.

Sara said...

Loved what you shared about 5 yr. old you. :)

C. K. Kelly Martin said...

I kept trying to post a comment on the Five On Friday and getting a "Sorry, but it seems you're a spambot" message.

Really, I'm not. I swear. Anyway, guess I'll post here instead:

I love that story about your mom and the radio! Does your mom, by any chance, still have those fantastical stories?

The new project sounds really compelling. I love family dramas.

I agree with you about persistence being key. Lately I find myself constantly avoiding my manuscript and I have to keep forcing myself to continue day after day. I guess that's the only way I'm going to finish this book. Battling with it every day. Sigh.