June 25, 2009

Writing Rounds: A little news from the authors

Julie Anne Peters' Snob Squad trio is being re-released with updated covers. First debuting in 1998, the misadventures of Jenny, Prairie, Lydia and Max, the lovable band of ...well, losers, is now shinier and hopefully will attract a whole new generation of sixth-grade readers.

"When you're writing contemporary realistic YA fiction the likelihood that you'll encounter some folks who are unhappy to read about what they consider 'bad behaviour' going unpunished is high. But I'm not interested in writing morality tales."
C.K. is putting out her writing manifesto at All My Little Words. I think I can say I match up with all four of her writing points.

Did you catch Maggie's chats on self-confidence... and its inevitable flip side? I feel reassured that someone else lives in fear of the realization I don't know where I was going with this. "The fact is, the little funks and doubts and worries make it better. If you don’t see what the consequences would be of failing, victory isn’t as sweet," says Maggie. Amen and amen.

Our Neil is going to be at the Edinburgh Literary Festival August 19th, being cute and otherwise cool and reading from The Graveyard Book. Occasionally, there are benefits to Tech Boy attending university in Scotland. Gaiman sightings, and eventually, I may just run into Jane Yolen like Elizabeth Wein did. Of course, I would be much more tongue-tied and stupid than Liz. But still!


Sarah Stevenson said...

Great links! I can't wait to peruse these in more leisurely fashion over the weekend. I have a few links I've accumulated, too...much posting will occur over the weekend, methinks...

Lisa Jenn said...

Thanks so much for the head's up on the Snob Squad series! I've just placed our order. Julie Anne Peters rocks!

Doret said...

I don't know what the original Snob Squad series covers looked like but I love the new look. I've still yet to read a Julie Anne Peter's novel. Shame on me.