June 27, 2009

HAH HAH HAH! *snort*

Geekdom rises again. Via SF Signal, this Hello Kitty/Star Wars mashup is probably the FUNNIEST darned thing I've seen today. The fact that so many other people love, love, love it is the reason the site's kind of crashed at the moment, but they'll be back and diehards can always follow them on Twitter. Apparently you can BUY these Hello Wars figures as stickers. I think I see fridge magnets in their future...

Meanwhile, Mo Willems has made it into mental_floss pop culture icon status -- there's a Pigeon quiz!! How cute is that?

You can WIN all kinds of One Lonely Degree stuff just by EMAILING the author, C.K. DO IT!

Happy Weekend!

1 comment:

C.K. said...

Hey, thanks for that, Tanita! Also, I'm digging the Star Wars/Hello Kitty mashup, especially Chewie. You just know he'd be tearing that bow out of his hair with a growl in no time!