June 06, 2008

News of the Weird

Since a.fortis has ably taken on Poetry Friday, I'm just passing through with a few links while my brain rests. It seemed a good idea at the time to a.) move and b.) three days later, hop on a plane to the U.S. while there are still a few boxes to be unpacked! And, I'm a little tired today from what was supposed to be a forty five minute sprint - across - the - airport - to - a - connecting - flight in Minneapolis, which the freakish electrical storm turned into a three and a half hour layover, forty minutes of which was spent stranded on the runway in an un-air-conditioned metal tube while lightning struck nearby (!!!).

However! All whining aside, I am a.) in Cali b.) have eaten guacamole, hummus and fresh fruit for two meals now and c.) have two boxes of author copies of my books. (Eeek. What now, book people?)

Life is good.

Don't miss the Horn Book podcast with that gorgeous gentleman, Richard Peck. Oh, and some other people are going to be talking, too. (Oh, hush. We all have our literary crushes.)

Liz does some deep thinking on age banding, which is quite a hot topic in my corner of the woods right now. I'm really glad that so many librarians are just saying "What a blasted minute." Or, in shorthand, "No."

I love, love, LOVE Annaka's Diary. Why have a pet rock when you can just have some that grow? How could we use these for some nefarious, Kiki-Strikesque scheme?

Gwenda would make a very poor 30's wife. How do you rate? I am, of course, poor, scoring a mere twenty-six points. Drat that red nail polish and those pajamas!

This blog joins blog tours for free -- because we like the books we're talking about. Publishers and authors who pass along their books to us have no guarantee that we'll review them, but when we do, we do so because we like to share the love we've got for a particular book -- it's ALL ABOUT THE BOOKS. Colleen at Chasing Ray talks about some of what serious lovers of blogging and literature DON'T do, for any price.

Those participating in 48 Hour Book Challenge, I'm gonna miss you, but you only get one time to watch your only niece graduate from high school. Have a great time, y'all!


Sarah Stevenson said...

It appears I'm an even worse '30s wife, with a mere 20 points. It must be because of this one: "Puts her cold feet on husband at night to warm them." However, I'm a "Very Superior" husband.

tanita✿davis said...

Of course you're a superior husband! The 30's style wife is very boring...

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Have fun in Cali with the fam!