June 30, 2008

Did I not say that I loved StoryCorps?

Winning awards for The Most Hilarious Way To Begin A Monday comes a tale from 94-year-old Betty Jenkins' girlhood.

A bra. A plane. A really, really embarrassing stop in South America.

Don't miss Fuse #8's strangely watchable explorations of LA (Retro Family Fun!) and Jen's awed swag collecting (can't fit the luggage in the trunk anymore because of books? No problemo!). As always, I wonder how publishers can afford to do this kind of thing!?

Happy, Happy Monday.


Sara said...

Ha! That was hilarious. I'm going to return the bra I bought now... :)

Jen Robinson said...

I managed to squeeze the suitcase into the trunk. Barely. I have photos up now of the swag. It is ridiculous (but fun).