April 22, 2006

A shameless plug for a favorite author, and a great teen book club

Happy Weekend! Here's a fabulous little event for YA writers brought to my attention by a fellow SCBWI-er :Not Your Mother's Book Club a Laurel Village, SF club of the incredibly hip, is throwing a party. This YA literature community for people grades 7-12 welcomes Sarah Dessen to cafe Lo Cubano, she of the myriad sensitive and intelligent books reviewed on our sister site. This shindig is on the 25th, so you'll need to move quickly to get your tickets online from Books, Inc., drop by their Laurel Village store, or give them a call at (415) 221-3666. Don't wait - it's not a big place, and once the tix are gone, they're history, and this will be just another great event that you missed! Ticket price includes Dessen's newest book for all the lucky teens, tapas, prizes and more -- take notes, writers. What a fabulous idea for doing your own PR!! And check out their blog. Man, if I ever am forced to reincarnate I'll make sure I come back somewhere near the Laurel Village Books Inc., thanks. What cool folks.


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