February 06, 2015

Diversity + SpecFic = Match Made of Awesome

Blog note: In light of the scary fact that no one has actually spoken to Harper Lee from HarperCollins in person... we've taken down our happy piece on her new novel. Slate has a lot to say about whether or not the project should go forward, and they put forward some interesting questions for the introverts in this treehouse. Personally, no matter how excited I was about a new book, I was torn about whether or not I wanted to read it... much like I didn't want to know what happened after the last of the Potter adventures, I think part of me needs Scout to stay as she was in my brain... you know? Anyway, while I stand by my glee that holding onto work until the time is right for it is the right attitude, I am just not sure that's what's happening in Ms. Lee's case.

Hat tip, SF Signal.

This Open Road media video echoes something I read recently at The Brown Bookshelf, on diversity in speculative fiction. Incidentally, if you guys aren't popping by THE BROWN BOOKSHELF for 28 Days Later this month, you're missing out. Take some time this weekend to catch up!

Last month, Jules celebrated the art of Christian Robinson and the lyric of Matt de la Peña in LAST STOP ON MARKET STREET, which is a MUST GET picture book for me this year, as it celebrates the extraordinary in the commonplace - the actual coolness of such a thing as public transportation. NPR is celebrating more picture books lately and they, too, have a lot of nice things to say about this one. Most of us YA types are big fans of Matt de la Peña in any book, so don't miss hearing about his picture book, too.

Meanwhile, it's Poetry Friday and if you pop over to my blog, you can see what the Seven Sisters are doing for this month's poetry challenge!

Happy weekend!

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