June 16, 2012

Wrapping Up the SBBT and Catching Up on Reading

If you're on the West Coast today, you're probably propped up in front of the fan, marveling that a day which had a reported high of 95°F has become 103°F in your neck of the woods! It's a perfect time to catch up on your blog blast tour reading - get something icy and wet into you and read away.

I was out and about on Friday and missed checking in with the fabulous goings-on during the Summer Blog Blast Tour this past Friday - but I am happy to report today the introduction to yet another author I hadn't "met" - Benjamin Alire Saenz, who spoke about his fab sounding book, ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, and other writerly details about his style and his view of the world. I also was pleased to read about blog-buddy and returning European traveler Ashley Hope Pérez at Edi's Crazy Quilt blog, where Ashley talks about her latest book THE KNIFE AND THE BUTTERFLY as well as Liam-ese, her son's Spanish-English-French language; the glamorous Paris life;; writing rules, and the Academic Ashley. Go - read!

Our stats tell us that we had a jump in visitors this week, as usual - many people come by the blog during blog blast weeks, because we interview such fabulous people - another big shout-out of thanks to Rosemary Clement-Moore and Robin LaFevers for being our guests this week! We look forward to our next blog blast tour, and are already busily thinking of authors to chat with...

Once you're caught up on your Blog Blast reading, don't miss this piece from Patrick Ness @ the Guardian - he's he's sick of hearing crap about teens, and rightly so. Also at the Squeetus Blog, there's talk of a book club. If you read The Princess Academy, it'll be awesome to have a re-read before Palace of Stone comes out - and don't miss the unpubbed prologue from the sequel!

Hope you're enjoying this sizzling summer day.


Doret said...

Tanita, if you get a chance to read Alire Saenz I think you will really like his writing.

Sarah Stevenson said...

I'm so not caught up on my blog blast reading yet...but now that my reading and workshop are done (with kudos to the folks at Mixed Roots Fest) I can move on to catching up on some blog reading. I look forward to reading the Patrick Ness article, too.

Speaking of weather, it was gorgeous in L.A. today...not looking forward to the 105 degrees that await us at home tomorrow. :P