April 15, 2010

Thursday Procrastination Fun!

PSSST! Heard about the kidlitosphere's own Jen Robinson and her big, big news? Go check it out!

Before I amuse and astound you all with a handful of enjoyable links (or rather, amaze you with how behind the times I am in posting them), anyone who IS a Cybils winner or finalist, or KNOWS one, please read this post describing how you or your publisher can get super-nifty Cybils award stickers for your book! Great for conferences and signings! There's no year on the sticker, so winners or finalists from past years can use them, too. Help support the Cybils and our cool prizes for winning authors/illustrators--buy stickers for your books! EVERYTHING MUST GO!

OK, now that that's out of the way, here are a few YA book lists to think about from Flavorwire (via my friend Fumi): 10 Literary Classics Made Better as Comic Books (what a claim!! go check it out), 10 Best Young Adult Books for Grownups (not sure some of these are actually YA, but whatever, The Westing Game is still awesome), and, just for fun, 10 Awesome and Inappropriate Books for Kids.

Did you know it's National Library Week? Susan Kusel at Booklights reminds us to be sure to thank a library worker for their unflagging toil in a time when libraries seem to be underfunded (if not underappreciated--though I appreciate mine regularly!). And Greg Pincus has created a great little video over at The Happy Accident reminding us why libraries rock. So, thanks, libraries and library workers for your super awesomeness!

Bonus linkage: If you're like me and stress about whether you're blogging too much or not enough or don't have anything to say or any of the myriad of little pestering thoughts that keep us from paying proper attention to our blogs, go check out Lee's Zen of Blogging website--his weekly tips are reassuring, thoughtful, and--I'll just come right out and sound dorky--mentally rejuvenating. Honestly.


Sarah Stevenson said...

...and apparently my favorite word of the day is "awesome." Okay then.

tanita✿davis said...

It's a good word.


Sarah Stevenson said...

The book you linked to reminds me of one my mom bought me when I was a kid--1000 THINGS TO BE HAPPY ABOUT, I think it was called.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

WOW - thanks for the shout-out and the high praise - "mentally rejuvenating" - I'm gonna have to put that on a t-shirt!
Namaste and keep it Zen,