February 25, 2009

Things I Probably Shouldn't Laugh About

Maybe this doesn't happen to you, but it does to me -- people forward me things and ask, "Is this true?"

Q: Is Microsoft/Disneyland/Pepsi giving away money if you fill out a form?
A: No. Never. Corporations do not give out money. Erase that from your mind.
Q:Are waiters swapping your credit card for someone else's expired card?
A: Maybe. You should pay attention to that sort of thing, don't you think?
Q:How many hours of daylight do they have in the Shetland Islands?
A: Uh, right. Let me Google that for you.

Now, here is where our story diverges, because I will ***NOT*** be sending on this reply to the myriad and beloved above-age-sixty relatives of mine who tend to be the ones who ask me these sort of things, and who are obviously uncomfortable with the internet, computers, and information they can find themselves in general. But you can. Go to "Let Me Google That For You", type in the question that they've asked, and... well, see what happens.

I shouldn't laugh. But I am laughing. Heartily.


Tricia said...

Let's try to see the positive in your image. It would be much beloved in a neighborhood of trekkies.

Ethel Rohan said...

Ha! I love it. Actually, it's kind of scary just how addicted I've become to Google/my PC. Was there "lfie," really, before it? Or is the question will there be life, really, after it?

Sarah Stevenson said...

That's hilarious. I have a friend--who also happens to be a research librarian--who is always saying "Google that shit."

Saints and Spinners said...

Oh, it was depressing! Just to tease my husband (who is sitting next to me, working at his own computer), I wrote, "How do I get my husband to stop playing video games?" I wish I had gone with the more traditional, "Does sending this email on to 10 people really make a little video pop up and play?"