January 30, 2006

Have You Ever Considered a Career in Writing?

I opened my e-mail box today to find yet another coincidental connection between the various odd things I do in my life (and, of course, coincidences are the stuff of interesting writing ideas...sometimes, anyway).

Back in November, did you ever find yourself curious about the creator of National Novel Writing Month? Who would do such a thing?

I had loved the anthro major as an undergrad, but by 1999 I was beginning to wish my parents had browbeaten me into becoming an accountant. Or a trapeze artist. Or something more practical. Instead, I had become The Creepy Guy Who Graduated Four Years Ago Who Sits Alone in Caffe Strada All Day Reading. Somewhere in that haze of aimlessness and espresso, a very dumb idea was born.

A great article by the amazing individual who managed to turn sitting in Caffe Strada all day into a world-famous endeavor. As for me...I wish I'd had an idea like that four years out of Cal. I'm almost five years overdue. I guess I just left the cafe too early.

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tanita✿davis said...

Is there still time to go back into the cafe?

Man. I'm having the worst time coming up with anything even remotely resembling ambition, here. Where are all of my great, life-changing ideas!?