March 07, 2005

Mondays are Mondays, Even for Writers... here's a little entertainment to spice it up. Without further ado, here (in no particular order) are

The WritingYA Top Five Ways to Procrastinate about Writing:

  1. Housework. "I can't possibly concentrate on writing unless I Swiffer this cat hair off the kitchen floor...and do the laundry...and reorganize my CDs."

  2. Food. "I think I'm hungry...kinda...maybe. Is that my stomach growling? I'm just going to go into the kitchen and maybe fix myself a little 5-course meal..."

  3. Reading YA Books. "It's research...really!"

  4. Watching TV. "The Gilmore Girls/Simpsons/Fresh Prince reruns give me insight into the interests of young, really!"

  5. Blogging. "I wasn't going to write anything in the last ten minutes anyway."

1 comment:

tanita✿davis said...

See, what's sad about this? It also works for TUESDAYS. And Wednesdays...