March 07, 2014

Five & Dime Friday: The Quick and Dirty Edition

Fridays always get away from me -- and the Friday after I quickly rewrote the ending to a novel and turned it in and happy danced as it got sent off to my editor -- fingers crossed -- seems to have gotten away from me more than most. It's late, yeah, but I have a few things which have been on my mind this week:

Your blog should be looking better any moment now: Getty Images are now free for non-commercial use. Yeah, that's right - all those bizarre and awkwardly bad stock photos you've made fun of for so long are now yours to use - if you sign up with Getty and promise you're not making money off of your blog. (If you have Amazon affiliation status, I don't think you can use them. Double check before you do.)(EDITED TO ADD: However, EFF suggests you read the fine print, proving that once again, nothing is "free" when the cost is your privacy.) This should make the Fiction Friday groups have deeper and weirder pools from which to pull images than even Flickr can provide...

"My Brother's Keeper" you've probably all heard about by now - the political initiative which is supposed to assess and support at-risk minority guys - was announced in late February. $200 million in private funding for the initiative will connect businesses will connect young men and guys with mentors... though this sounds like a post-high school thing, I hope that there's some room in the funds to somehow up books and literature, too. Whatever happens, this seems to be A Good Thing.

In more "Good Things," I have one word for you: BELLE. Hat tip, Tu Books, and I further credit my undergrad Survey of Art course for my knowledge of the 1779 painting attributed to Johann Zoffany which depicts Dido Belle and her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray. Thanks, college!

Meh. You know how I am about remakes. I mean, Annie,, and now The Jungle Book, too? Can we not leave my childhood alone? (Although, to be accurate Annie is from the 1930's - so not my childhood. As someone commented on Jezebel the other day, isn't it deeply ironic that the message of "cheer up, we'll survive this financial madness" from the Great Depression is still applicable today? Erg.)(To be even more accurate, THE JUNGLE BOOK was written between 1893–94... so, also not my childhood. Fine, I take it back.)

How much do I LOVE the Let Books Be Books thing happening over in Britain? And, since the Guardian Children's Books coverage online turned three this month, here are some authors in character - that is, their favorite book characters. They're decked out for a show at the Oxford Story Museum. (My GOODNESS, here's a good excuse to be in England in April.) I think my fave has to be Malorie Blackman - pure evil, that Wicked Witch. Evil, but misunderstood... and defying gravity. ☺


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