January 24, 2014

Unscheduled Extra Grumpy: Early Soapbox Edition

Under the category of GOOD GRIEF IS NOTHING SACRED:



Hey, Sorrywatch? Wanna weigh in on the craptasticness of this non-apology for me?

Publisher IDW's Dirk Wood responded to Barger online over the controversy, saying the artist – chosen by the Cartoon Network – was "thinking of it more along the lines of 'female empowerment' than the kind of thing you guys are talking about". He added: "Half of the employees have kids here, and we pride ourselves in making comics they'll enjoy and not give them a warped view of the world (except, you know, in a good way). Anyway, I certainly see your points, and we'll be sensitive to these things, as I think we mostly have been."

These guys are my FAVE. They kick butt - literally. They're hilarious. They're ...completely ridiculous. I LOVE the Powerpuff Girls. The whole latex dress, sexed-up version of them IS NOT EMPOWERING, you morons. Big muscles and big shoes for butt-kicking = Empowering. Outthrust chests and microminis= YOUR FANTASY, NOT MINE. And how dare you overlay your fantasy on top of a child's show. HOW FREAKIN' DARE YOU.

Why, yes, there ARE a lot of other injustices in the world to get pissed off about.

This one just happens to toast my muffins hottest Now. Tune in an hour from now, and I'll be pissed off about something else.

Hat tip to The Guardian for fodder for this soapbox moment.


Charlotte said...


Anna in Atlanta said...

Dang -- I saw the (original) Puffs on a banner at Cartoon Network and was thrilled they'd be back. But not like this! These aren't Power Puff Girls, they're Powder Puff Bunnies. Aarrgghh.

aquafortis said...

UGH. They're like Power Puff Bratz.

tanita♥davis said...

I think the worst thing is that they removed the manic wildness from them - so, add übersexuality and subtract agency?


Liviania said...

This is absolutely terrible. How could they think fans of the show would like this design?