July 14, 2011

NPR Kidlit Tidbits

I dare you to try to say "kidlit tidbits" 5 times fast. (Disclaimer: This blogger bears no responsibility for untangling the wicked sailor knot in your tongue.)

Anyway, today I've got a couple of kidlit-related radio stories for you...when I was out and about earlier, I caught a "where are they now?"-style segment, Can Wizards and Vampires Collect Unemployment? talking about what the Harry Potter and Twilight actors have been up to since their fame as YA book-to-movie icons. That segued rather nicely into a discussion of what book will come up next to fill the Harry Potter gap (including a plug for the upcoming Hunger Games movie). And then apparently I missed a segment on Kelly Link a little while later, which I'll have to catch at some point.

Secondly, if you'll indulge me in a little shameless self-promotion, TOMORROW morning at 11:00 a.m. EST, I will be on NPR's Tell Me More with Michel Martin, talking about THE LATTE REBELLION and representing for YA lit as part of the Summer Blend Book Club. I already went in and taped it, which is good, because it means (hopefully) they'll edit out all the awkward pauses. :) 

Tell Me More airs primarily on the East Coast, but also some places in the Midwest and South. Unfortunately, it does not air anywhere in California, but you can listen live at the NPR website or catch the podcast later in the day. To listen live at 11:00 a.m. EST (8:00 a.m. PST), go here and click on Listen using the NPR Media Player (requires Flash).

The podcast should be available later in the afternoon on this page.

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