July 05, 2010

More Shoes of Awesome

Washington D.C. 023

Ah, that snazzy parquet flooring framed a perfectly adorable pair of slippers which were presented to me upon my arrival at Jama's house.

I mentioned ONCE -- ages ago -- that I loved those slippers and would like to visit them if I ever visited her. Months and months fast forward -- they were waiting for me when I arrived, along with ROOT BEER, which I can't get in the UK, and Cholula Hot Sauce, which is the Hot Sauce of Greatness (Sorry, Louisiana Hot Sauce - I know that's how everyone else in my family rolls, but ... gotta go with Mexico on this one).

My mother thought I looked like the Bernstein Bears' Mama Bear with these on, which promptly made me take them off... also, it was almost 100°F that day, and the slippers just didn't suit my frame of mind. However, they were still really cute, and made me fit in with the rest of the denizens of the house!


Anonymous said...

our twenty-something-year-old daughter and her then boyfriend found a similar pair of slippers for me one day. even though they were clear across town, she insisted they drive straight to our house and give them to me right away.

(i was always disappointed they were just too small)


a. fortis said...

Now, THOSE are nice. Big and floppy-looking, but nice.

Kelly Fineman said...

I was wondering about the heat/slippers ratio as soon as I saw the picture. Then again, I wonder at anyone who adds hot sauce of ANY kind to their food. (Says the woman who drinks hot tea on a hot day in order to cool down . . . )

Ethel Rohan said...

I am laughing so hard right now.