March 09, 2009

What Harm Can One Song Do?: Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

This title was a 2008 Cybils YA Finalist.

Doesn’t every high school girl daydream of having a boyfriend who’s in a band? Well, Audrey has one—or rather had one. She just broke up with Evan, actually…who decided to drown his sorrows by writing a song about the breakup. A little while later, at their next concert, Audrey and her best friend Victoria are shocked when the band breaks into a little tune called "Audrey, Wait!"

The next thing Audrey knows, she’s catapulted into the wrong kind of stardom as That Girl Who Broke Up With Poor Evan. Not such a great daydream anymore. The paparazzi are following her around, Victoria’s acting like it’s all an awesome adventure, and even James, the shy boy with a crush on her who works with her at the ice cream shop, isn’t sure how to deal with her. And Evan—well, he’s famous and he’s living the dream, and he’s so out of reach there’s no way to tell him he’s made her life a nightmare. Not that she’d want to talk to him, anyway.

If you enjoy music and concerts, you’ll appreciate the giddy atmosphere and song-infused style of Robin Benway’s Audrey, Wait! But it’s also got a hilarious premise, a funny and likeable and very down-to-earth narrator, and enough snowballing hijinks to keep the pace moving quickly all the way to the inevitable confrontation at the end.

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Iryna said...

This book has been on my TBR list for quite some time but I think your review finally made me go and request it from the library!

Thanks for the review!

Jen said...

As if I don't have enough books on my to read list already...but this one looks really good! I love the cover, too.