November 29, 2006

Midweek Madness

Happy First Frost Day to You!
It's lovely, blue and crispy cold, the perfect time for fleece and great books. The books for the YA panel keep flying in, and each day brings another trio or quartet... I'm behind in writing my reviews, not to mention housework (ugh) and ironing... but I shall soldier on!

Oops -- I just got around to looking at this month's Edge of the Forest but it was well worth the wait, as Little Willow interviews YA author Lisa Yee, we hear the first SOUNDS from the Forest via Podcast (Yay! Live book discussions! This is quite cool.) and Scholar's Blog (with the correct link now!) takes on the Tiffany Aching stories from Pratchett. Reviewed in YA Fiction are three great reads -- I was especially interested to read another take on Justin Case. Do check it out.

Oy! An Amazon rip-off! Sheesh, people, it happens, I guess, but between librarians!? Our blogger bud at Fuse #8's been , er, quoted. Only without the quotes. I've begun to believe that the blogosphere is as big as a living room... the person who did it should've figured out how much we bloggers read other blogs and bookish magazines... other bloggers were bound to find out...!

Also via Scholar's Blog, an interesting discussion aimed at writers... as we write, do we find that we remove adult characters? Are your YA novels just about young adults? I recall a film course I took as an undergrad where my prof systematically ruined all of my favorite movies by pointing out how unrealistic they were. My favorite Robin Williams movie? Tosh, because all of the teachers at the school where the movie took place were beastly except for the one played by the Williams character. All of the Molly Ringwald/Brat Pack movies? Useless. Adults EXIST, and screenwriters -- and young adults -- don't exist in a vacuum without them. You'll want to check out the article and put in your two cents on the discussion.

As we begin discussion on our books for the Cybils, all kinds of questions are coming into my mind. First, how did I get into this? What makes me "qualified" to discuss books? (Our group Chair actually mentioned someone wanted to know our "credentials.") How can we be sure to make this short list we're supposed to have completed by January 1 is the "best" we can do?? So many questions... so many great books! I'm privileged to be a part of this, but at the same time, I am very, very nervous. Here's hoping I don't end up in wrestling matches with my other panelists.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hi - thanks for the mention, but can I just point out, you've linked to "Slayground" not "Scholar's Blog" !

TadMack said...

Aargh! I sit corrected -- thank you! I think I linked from Edge of the Forest and somehow ... I don't know how that happened. Anyway, thanks, and thanks for the interesting discussion, too!

a. fortis said...

Fascinating discussion at Fuse #8. I get occasional bouts of paranoia about people stealing stuff I post online, which is why I only put up a minimum of my creative work--CC license, copyright notices and all...

TadMack said...

I'm still having a really hard time believing that a LIBRARIAN did that, a fellow bookie. I think librarians are magical... my faith has been besmirched.

Little Willow said...

Thanks for reading the interview with Lisa Yee!

Oh, we're going to have many fun discussions on the panel. :)