August 24, 2006

Like A Motorcycle?

I went to school with a boy named Harley Davidson... I know our Harley was sick of answering the question: "Like A Motorcycle?" so the title of Cat Bauer's book, Harley Like a Person gave me a smile.

Harley is only fourteen, but already she knows there's something weird about her life. She's way different from her parents, looks nothing like her siblings, and her father hates her. She's got to be adopted, but everytime she says something like that, her mother totally shoots her down. She's having a bad, bad year. Her Dad's alcoholism is completely out of control, and Harley is seeing herself going the same way. Her schoolwork tanks, the gorgeous boy she's dating turns out to be in trouble -- all the time -- and all she can think of is getting out, getting away. But the people who try to save her can't do the one thing Harley really needs: to decide to save herself. A compelling story of a girl who decides -- once and for all -- to be true to herself and her real identity, no matter what it's easier for everyone else to believe.

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