July 10, 2006

Friendship Through Better Plumbing

Ginny Forrester, Stan Claxton's best friend and up and coming tennis star is "in trouble" this summer. Her game is suffering, and Ginny's mom, Ginny's Dad, Ginny's coach, and Ginny's psychologist all want Stan to step in and help. Stan's willing, but he's got a busy summer ahead, hanging out with the guys and coaching the tennis runts at the rundown rec center in Seattle where he works. Still, Stan's always got time for Ginny. As a matter of fact, Stan's beginning to wonder what else he's got for Ginny.

Where's the line between 'best friends' and 'more than friends?' Between a stolen tennis racket, box seats at the ballet and The Whistling Toilets, seasoned YA author Randy Powell and his zany novel invites readers to enjoy Stan's crazy summer and find out.

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