February 13, 2006

Writing, Randomly

Lots going on to post this week in the world of words. First, I've read a lot of reviews of the Curious George phenomena, and the brouhaha from animal rights and parent groups reminds me a bit of the discussions/arguments that came up over the Little Black Sambo and Uncle Remus tales we discussed at the Alma Mater. When these books were written, it was definitely a different world, both in terms of what people thought was okay to do with people and with animals. The discussion is good, but the outrage and theater picketing, completely incomprehensible to children, is somewhat pointless...

Meanwhile does anyone know if Michelle Tea's latest is supposed to be a YA novel? The Chronicle review of Rose of No Man's Land talks about a 14-year-old narrator, and gives it really positive reviews for a "singular voice in a coming-of-age novel." Hmm.

All right. Back to the grind.

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