February 03, 2006

...And more contests

Stopped by the cheerfully hokey W.I.N. competition page, and for all of its fun factor in having a "But wait! There's more!" factor in the contest description, I was annoyed that I couldn't quite find the contest deadline... Until I clicked 'register now,' that is, and found out that everything must be postmarked by March 15th. It's actually a semi-nifty thing; you can upload your same story repeatedly if you want to a.) change it, b.) submit another section c.) just are as neurotically obsessive as most of us writer types are and need to go over and over it typos and 'no I didn't mean thats.'

No, I haven't actually submitted anything yet, but I might. This is for novel excerpts instead of short stories... and we all have one or two of those sitting around, don't we? My writing girlz, especially some of us who placed for a short story in the last contest should check it out. Hint?
You can enter as many works in as many categories as you wish, in these categories:
* Young Adult: Novel excerpt to 1,000 words + one page synopsis.
* Midgrade: Novel excerpt to 1,000 words + one page synopsis.
* Chapter Book: Novel excerpt to 1,000 words + one page synopsis.
* Non-fiction: Book excerpt to 1,000 words + one page synopsis

Plus poetry, picture book, and illustration, too, of which some of us should take note.

Okay, I know I haven't done it yet. That's not the point. I'm picking on someone else today.


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TadMack said...

Heh. Well, take it as, um, encouragement, you know, to, er, get involved. Or, take it as me totally avoiding doing anything constructive, but trying to make YOU feel er, inspired! Whatever, right?