August 29, 2016

TBR Monday: Diverse Reads and Long-Awaited Sequels

Yep, you guys. I went to the library again! Whee!

That one on the top left? It's by Mariko Tamaki, who has also written a number of wonderful graphic novels for kids and teens.

Top right: the final (I think) book in the Dream Thieves series, which is steeped in Welsh mythology and therefore somewhat mandatory reading for me. I've really enjoyed the other books in the set.

Bottom right: A book about conjoined twins! Wow. I'll admit being drawn in by the author's name, too, because there aren't THAT many South Asian author names in American YA lit. From visiting her website, I am not sure about the author's identity but I did find out two fun facts: A) she lives in my area, sorta and B) she has the same Secret Agent Man as Tanita.

Bottom left: the sequel/companion to MG novel The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, which was charming and wonderful and which I reviewed here way back in 2009 (!).

In other news, I'm still plowing through my own novel rewrite and hope to have it sent to my agent next month. Tanita and I are planning some upcoming Reviews in Tandem. I'm going to be at a local event in October, the Great Valley Bookfest, and I'm also planning to be at Kidlitcon (check out the newly released program here--it's going to be awesome!!). I am woefully behind on most things but slowly catching up.

What's on YOUR TBR pile, or on your kidlit radar? Go ahead and share...

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