July 07, 2016

A. Fortis and TS Davis in Revisionland

To be honest, one or both of us is always ALWAYS in Revisionland in some form or another. And when we're lost in Revisionland I tend to go back and re-run old installments of Toon Thursday to cheer myself up. So, I have one of those for you, but lo and behold, as I scoured our archives I also found some useful advice which I posted and should probably follow.

I also need to give myself a little encouragement to keep going and keep the energy flowing. Anyone out there have useful tips for when you know you need to tackle the rewrite but your own mean brain is trying to sabotage you? Writers, what are some of the ways you're nice to yourself when the job gets frustrating? What are some of the carrots you turn to when the stick's not working? Food bribery? Affirmations? Distractions?

Chime in in the comments below, and please to enjoy this oldie but goodie pie chart.


Charlotte said...

good luck to the both of you!

E Wein said...


Sarah Stevenson said...

Charlotte: Thanks!! :) :)

Liz: Sometimes I feel like there ought to be some kind of online revision support group for writers. Good luck on yours!!