February 08, 2016

Happy Blogiversary Indeed!

It's been eleven years of blogging for Tanita and me. Can you believe it? I went diving into our archives and found a few fun tidbits from our blogging past, in honor of our Feb. 24th blogversary

Three years in, I posted a cartoon of THE TWO OF US in our imaginary writing spaces--Tanita was still in Scotland, as evidenced by the sheep and castle, and I apparently lived within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge (which is a wee 90-mile exaggeration):

And, exactly 10 years ago yesterday, we put up our 101st post! Tanita posted a quote from the wonderful Sid Fleischman, and it's the perfect inspiration for another blogging and writing year:

Now that Finding Wonderland is 11 years old and counting (puberty must be coming--uh oh), let's hope that any reliving of our awkward adolescence is limited to the books we read and write!


tanita✿davis said...

I think that is my fave comic of yours, ever.
Also, I just want to point out that I actually HAD sheep I could see from a window, and, had we moved a hill aside, I would have been able to see Stirling Castle at one point!! So, your picture TOTALLY worked.

DMS said...

Congratulations on 11 years blogging. Wow! This month I am having my 5 year blogoversary and that seemed like a long time (though it flew by). :)

Sarah Stevenson said...

Thank you, and congrats back at you! Blogging really has been fun...