January 26, 2016

What I'm Doing Besides Reading for Cybils, Catching Up on Reviewing and Stuff...

Skyway Drive 335

I'm told the candy does NOT, in fact, taste like peas or carrots. Bummer.

People expecting copies of PEAS AND CARROTS, those are going out this week. People who want a chance to win a copy, along with a lunch bag and a little magnet -- please stay tuned to the February 9 release date --

February is not just when the groundhog emerges (albeit with a LOT of help from people pulling it) from its hole to find its shadow - it's apparently the month when introverts Make An Effort (also with a LOT of help from people... pulling). I'll be booktalking, and being visible this February here and there - first, I'm presenting a webinar February 2nd for The National WWII Museum on Mare's War as part of their WWII emphasis this year. Teachers and families who do homeschooling, you'll want to jump on this! The week following, I'll be on the blog STACKED and then the tumblr Size Acceptance in YA; at BN Teen Blog's Open Mic project sometime next month, and on John Scalzi's WHATEVER blog's Big Idea project on February 9th, which is the same day that PEAS AND CARROTS has its book birthday.

I'm grateful to everyone who asked me to show up and hang out next month, and given me the opportunity to talk about what I do and how I do it.

Skyway Drive 336

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Sarah Stevenson said...

Yay, you!!! That is some awesome swag, too--and the jelly bellies! How cool is that? (Probably best they don't taste like peas or carrots...)