July 26, 2014

A Little Shout-Out to the Kidlit Con...

"Difference. Unlikeness. Variety. Multiformity. Diversity. It’s not even really easy to define terms. When one person says “diverse” another person nervously hears race, or ethnicity, or gender. But diversity in children’s lit can be – and should be – all of those things, and more."

A few months ago, a friend came to me to ask questions about race and ethnicity, in a way she feared she could never do in public, in person, with many of you.

Was this friend right? Is diversity such a divisive, taboo topic that unless you're chanting "Yes! Yes! Go, Diversity!" and waving pom-poms and hashtags that it's NOT okay to talk about it, have questions about how to talk about it, to be concerned about doing things "right" and to express yourself as clueless and confused?

"It’s easy to sit in the audience and nod when people talk about diversity. It’s easy to sign up to be a part of the crowd… but it takes trusting ourselves and trusting each other to set aside our preconceptions to speak up – and be prepared to listen and learn."

It's becoming clear that the more we talk about things, the more possibility there is for understanding. Consider speaking up, friends!

P.S. - Another great post from Liz Garton Scanlon on diversity, on BookPeople, Austin's bookstore blog. Don't miss!


pamlovesbooks said...

Why haven't I heard about this before? I want to GO!!

tanita✿davis said...

@Pam Margolis YAY! I keep blogging about this because I KNOW some people haven't yet heard. Hope to see you there!