September 16, 2010

Congratulations, Lady Jane!

"Why am I working so hard? Going for 400 books, perhaps, but who's really counting? Maybe in 10 years. Maybe if I live long enough. Maybe if I still have a head that works in old age. Maybe if I can just, following the Asimov model, type faster."

How did I miss it? As of yesterday, when the piece showed up in the Huffington Post, Our Jane has written her three hundredth book.
Three hundred. That's a three, two zeros. 300.

I suspect she did not do it by futzing around on the internet much of the day. Which means I'm going to stop typing this in a couple of sentences and get back to work. But -- three hundred. It's a staggering, gobsmacking amount. Poetry. Picture books. Chapter books. Novels. Three hundred books.

And she remembers them all, of course.

However did she do it? Butt in chair, obviously.
Back to work, kids.

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tanita✿davis said...

Can I mention I'm having hair envy?
Could someone please tell me how to get all my white hair to come in at my temples like that? I may need to plan ahead on this one...

Sarah Stevenson said...

Yes, how cool is the hair? Not to mention the 300 books...

Jessica said...

hahah I love that -- BIC. I need that kind of discipline!! I aspire :)

Amen to that... I felt the same way. The privileged vantage point of those in plight is kind of tedious. Gilbert has a way of romanticizing life's difficulties, which I think is what makes her palatable. But, it's also straining to see that perspective when things are so much harder for other people.

Whenever you get a chance, please check out my collaborative blog,! All kinds of material (literary, nonfiction, multimedia, video) about growing up, and beginnings in general. We've survived it. Now let's attest to it! :)

david elzey said...

i could tell you stories of how she did it -- privately. they are none too pretty.