January 29, 2007

Monday News

While driving around today running various non-writing-related errands, I found my mind drawn fortuitously back to the written word by good old NPR--don't miss this great little interview with M.T. Anderson about his latest book, The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, courtesy of News and Notes (a program I LOVE, by the way--Farai Chideya is an awesome host).

The Horn Book's website has a list of Recommended Books about South Asia that includes books primarily for younger readers. I'm a little disturbed at how short the list is--I can think of at least a couple more books offhand--and I wonder why it doesn't include any titles for older readers; but it's certainly a start.

Looking for some inspiration this summer? The Oregon Coast Children's Book Writer's Workshop will take place July 16 - 20, 2007, in Oceanside, Oregon. The price is relatively reasonable, and instructors will include a range of writers and literary types, including David Greenberg, Patricia Hermes, Mel Boring, Judy O'Malley of Charlesbridge Publishing, and Susan Cohen of Writers House.

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