June 07, 2006

Go Kirkus! Go Kirkus! It's Your Birthday!

From the Kirkus website (and thanks to the SCBWI e-newsletter for the tip):

Kirkus Reviews, the leading pre-publication book-review journal, has officially launched its second year of the annual search for the Next Big Literary Star. "For this project, Kirkus has turned its well-known abilities in the area of literary criticism and analysis to finding a brand-new voice," said Jerome Kramer, Kirkus Reviews Editor-in-Chief. "You might call it American Idol for the book world."

Kirkus is now accepting submissions for the 2006-2007 literary award, with the winning manuscript to be published by a major New York publisher. To enter your completed yet unpublished, full-length (45,000+ words) novel or short-story collection, please follow the submission guidelines for a chance to win a publishing contract.

The early-bird deadline is October 31, and the fee until then is $135. So get cracking! The contest is open to anyone who has NOT yet published a novel or short-story collection. More details here.

Hmmm...I sense a late-October personal deadline for my novel revision...


TadMack said...

The AMERICAN IDOL for the book world!? Can we never get enough of that festival to mediocrity that we have to employ it as a metaphor for reopening the market to new voices!?

And AFTER the early-bird deadline, the $135 fee goes up?? Obviously the new voices shouldn't quit their day jobs.


Seren said...

And I thought $135 was outrageous. It goes up?!?