March 02, 2006

A WritingYA Call to Arms

Okay, everyone--y'all know Wikipedia, right? The user-driven online encyclopedia that anyone (and I mean anyone) can edit?

Well, regardless of how you might feel about Wikipedia in general--and I know my feelings are certainly mixed--I'm going to request any loyal and knowledgeable YA fans to PLEASE go take a look at their entry on Young Adult Literature. Please consider helping to flesh it out, improve their examples and definitions, add more resources, or what have you. Because it's rather bare-bones--one might even dare say incomplete--and could use some help.


tem2 said...

There's also a wiki site dedicated to YA and children's literature:

It could really use a boost.

a. fortis said...

Oh, THANKS!! I love the idea of WikiYA.

I also had a little brainstorm just now, which is that if anybody decides to edit either wiki as a result of this posting, please leave a comment here so we can all go admire your handiwork!