December 05, 2005

OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!! Good news!

TWO FRIENDS of mine -- count it -- two of my Mills girlz have received acclaim in the SmartWriters W.I.N. contest!!!! That's just made my Monday morning. I'm so proud I could go all girly and squeal! Go A.Fortis!, who placed third in the YA category, and kudos to you, MeiMei!, who has a very honorable mention - with the words New Yorker and her story mentioned in the same sentence. This is BIG!!!! I'm so excited about them getting in, and connecting with an ANTHOLOGY! (We all know this is my not-so-secret dream.)

[PS:If your stories, like mine, did NOT make it into the anthology, consider reworking them and maybe submitting to Cicada or some other YA magazine. There are plenty of options and places that are looking for good stories.]

In more good news, there's a great bunch of editors who are actively seeking to update their lists for middle-grade and YA writers. reported on a couple of folks looking for expand their lists. Ginger Clark, Anna Olswanger and Lauren Barnhardt have posted their addresses and what they're after specifically. Good luck to those of you making the hard decision about choice about agents.

An ecstatically happy Monday to you!
And congratulations again, girls!!!

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tanita✿davis said...

The good news gets BETTER STILL! Ms. MeiMeiLn got a mention, by name, in an AP article about her fictional Split Reflections blog for ABC's One Life to Live. Now, how cool is that? The company president knows her name. Only positive things can happen now! (From my mouth, to God's ear, huh?)