June 26, 2005

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

I know she's not a YA writer, but I felt a pang of sympathy on reading her story anyway, even though her books make me kind of roll my eyes... 'Tis a wicked risk to splash your real life onto the fiction page as an adult - so much better to stick to celebrating and reviling your teen aged peers when in all likelihood they're all too involved with their 2.5 kids and their careers to run up against your old crushes or your bitter little diatribes against their long vanished selves... This week, well known Bay Area writer Terry McMillan's number came up on the divorce court docket. Reported in this morning's Chronicle is the real end of How Stella Got Her Groove Back -- looks like the truth is...she didn't.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband is accusing her of being an "angry woman..." did he not see that bit in the movie version of
Waiting to Exhale when a cheating husband's car is set on fire!? Um, hello? Consider the source?

Hopefully another blockbuster will be aspirin for the ache; a new novel for McMillan is due out in July.

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