February 25, 2005

Who the Heck Are These People?

Where am I? Finding Wonderland, your home for news, views, advice, links, humor (and so forth) from the world of YA writing.

Who are you people? We are readers, writers, and fans of YA literature. We are members of a West-Coast-based writing group who meet online on a weekly basis to support each others' writing and share our love of YA lit.

What made you think THAT was a good idea? Because we were sharing all this great information and advice amongst ourselves and thought it would be nice to share it with others as well. As writers we already have a natural tendency to want to foist our words on the unsuspecting public, so why not start a blog?

Um, yeah, so? So, we hope you'll stick around, visit us regularly, get to know each of us and our individual quirks and interests in YA, and have a good time doing it. And don't forget to drop by our companion blog Readers Rants, featuring reviews of YA books, from old favorites to new classics-in-the-making. **Those seeking review should drop us a note containing their contact information into our most recent post, and though we can't promise anything, we will get back to you right away! Thanks for visiting! -- Ciao, baby.