June 20, 2016

TBR Monday! More Books On My List

Greetings, Book People of Earth! I kind of enjoyed doing that previous post on my TBR pile, so here's another one with a few more recent acquisitions. Comments, opinions, and ancillary recommendations are welcome!

Clockwise from Upper Left: Out on the Wire is a graphic novel recommended by friend, fellow author, and writing group colleague Sara Lewis Holmes. She mentioned it during our writing group meeting and it sounds right up my alley, since it's about various awesome public radio personalities AND it's a GN by an artist I really like.

The Vanishing Throne is the sequel to The Falconer, a faerie/steampunk/action fantasy which I reviewed here and which ended up being quite enjoyable. Stay tuned for an upcoming review soonish, and a guest post from author Elizabeth May on Tuesday next, thanks to Chronicle Books! I'm hoping she'll talk a bit about world-building, a topic that is much on my mind currently...

My mom lent me the first two books in a series called The Neapolitan Novels by Italian author Elena Ferrante, the first being My Brilliant Friend. Evidently it starts with the character's childhood and follows her as she grows up, which is always an interesting strategy. I liked it in the Anne of Green Gables books, the Little House books, and the Betsy-Tacy books, so I am certainly intrigued. Evidently these books are quite popular in Europe but not so well known here.

I got a copy of Once Was a Time for review some time ago and it languished on the pile, even though I very much like the sound of it. It's a middle grade read set in wartime 1940s England, so that is an immediate draw for me. Also, it involves time travel and a main character named Charlotte--possibly a nod to the cult classic Charlotte Sometimes? Anyway, I look forward to it.

Happy Reading!

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