April 14, 2016

Post Something. Anything!

I have to remind myself now and then that it's actually OK if I don't put up a substantial, pre-planned post every single time; that sometimes I can just sit down and write something. Putting down words of some kind is almost always good, even if I'm not geysering out brilliant insights every which way.

The other thing I can do is post a PICTURE to entertain you, because I have a lot of those. My household has been traveling a lot over the past couple of years, and there's more travel impending. More travel has meant a bit less writing, but I like to think I'm storing up writing fodder for some future, less hectic, more productive time (a time which may possibly be mythical).

Anyway, I hereby present you with a picture of an Australian penguin:

Day 13 Melbourne - 45 Penguins-St Kilda Pier


tanita✿davis said...

Looking back through past years of blogging, we posted our THOUGHTS - just squirted opinions about things out there. One of the issues is that our impact on the blog is diffused by social media; it's easier for some people to do that kind of thing on Twitter or FB, but to ME, it feels safer to do so on the blog because there's more than 40 characters to explain one's point of view!

That being said, I stopped doing it, because though we team blog, some of my opinions were so long (and waaaay off topic) that I felt my own blog better suited to them, but definitely opinions on writing, books, youth culture, teen issues in the news could be put here in brief. With a picture. Of a penguin. Or something, since I have nothing that cute!!!

Sarah Stevenson said...

It's pretty hard to beat that penguin for cuteness, although Rob got some really good pictures of a rock wallaby that are also fantastic. :)

I want to get back into the habit of posting my thoughts on the blog...writing- and literature-related thoughts that aren't attached to book reviews. You'd think I'd be well past the "but I have nothing new to say" stage, but no...

Charlotte said...

I am always happy to be shown pictures of cute penguins!