January 21, 2016

Toon Thursday Redux: Writerly Daydreams

During this early part of the year, there have been a lot of conversations about writing goals, and what we all plan to accomplish by hook or by crook (or, in some cases, by copious amounts of caffeine and/or wine). Often, though, despite our best efforts we spend time dawdling and dreaming...something I drew a cartoon about a while back:

One of my many writing-related goals this year is to whip up a few more brand-new Toon Thursday cartoons here and there--we'll see how I manage. And I'll have some new book reviews commencing next week, and picking up again after this year's Cybils Round 2 is done. In the meantime, enjoy Tanita's reviews and have a creativity-filled weekend, replete with writing, daydreaming, and possibly donuts. (Or pie. Pie's good, too...)

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