October 07, 2015


The Toymaker's Apprentice!

...which just arrived at my house via late UPS delivery. Thank you after 6 p.m. people!

Honestly? I'm not a huge fan of the whole Nutcracker thing... in part because (Shhhh!) I've never seen the ballet. I also don't really like ballet, as its history is steeped in... *cough* upper class Eurocentric elitism and all that sort of thing. I know, I know, that is its history and a lot in the field is changing, thanks to some amazing folks, and doors finally squeaking open a crack for people of color, but that's where I come from. Though I longed for the yearly traditions wealthier families shared when I was a kid, when I got older, I realized I wasn't interested anyway. HOWEVER. Despite the fact that this story is a re-imagining of the Nutcracker tale, I adore Sherri L. Smith writing ANYTHING and will read it all, forever. Also, there is so much that is completely BIZARRO about the whole Nutcracker schtick anyway. What is with the rat with all the heads? Why are inanimate Christmas decorations moving, anyway? How is such an allegedly happy holiday filled with so much vague menace? Whose fault is it? I suspect this book may have The Answers. Or, at least be really, really beautifully illustrated, have a fab cover typeface, and entertain me in some other fashion entirely. Looking forward to it.


Gail Gauthier said...

I HAVE seen the Nutcracker. You really want the bizarro Nutcracker schtick, because otherwise you're watching people walk around a stage in bizarro ways. And if there's a bunch of them all moving the same way--is that ever bizarre.

Charlotte said...

Read it quickly and see if it is good and if so please nominate it for the Cybils! I am hoping someone will, as I want to read it!

Charlotte said...
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Sarah Stevenson said...

Oh, wow!! I can't wait to read it. You know one of my first-ever attempts at a novel was a cyberpunk retelling of the Nutcracker (god knows why I thought that was a good idea....I'm sure this will be WORLDS better).